The Switch got me back into console gaming and I loooove it!

In November 2006, 12 years ago, I bought my last console - a Nintendo Wii. I played it a lot for the first year or so, then quickly returned to playing games on my PC. The prices and options on PC just had it beat completely and I realized that, after playing consoles since I was 5, starting with an NES, I had no real reason for getting them any more. They were just too expensive and didn’t have enough games. I got a Nintendo DS Lite a couple years later and played that CONSTANTLY - but then it got stolen after about a year and I couldn’t bring myself to get buy one.

I then spent the last 10 years only playing games on my PC. Over that decade I felt like I missed out on maybe.....2 or 3 games that I couldn’t get on PC and the prices of consoles jumped up by hundreds of dollars and games all began costing $60 +tax. I honestly didn’t think I was going to ever get another console...and then the Switch came out.

I didn’t get a Switch for the first year because I had hung onto a magical hope before its release: I told myself “if I can play DS games on the Switch, I am 100% buying it immediately.” Of course, this didn’t happen so I didn’t buy it. I was annoyed that Nintendo didn’t make this decision just would have been so incredible. Of course, Nintendo is a greedy corporation just like Sony and Microsoft so I knew it was a long shot, but still I hoped.


So I waited...and I waited...and I kept craving a handheld system again, and I kept hearing about how great the Switch is, how great Zelda, Mario, and the plethora of indie titles were when played both docked and handheld. So I did it, I finally got a Switch about 6 months ago, and I haven’t been able to stop playing it since.

I primarily play docked but...being able to play in bed with my partner, on the long train ride to my sister’s wedding, on the couch while watching a movie, or just being able to pull it out of the dock, quickly add a game to my wishlist so I don’t forget about it, and then dock it again in about 15 seconds has been incredible.

The Switch’s ability to switch between handheld and docked brought me back to consoles and I’ve been having more fun playing games than I have in years because of it.

If this sounds appealing to really should get one. It’s been worth every penny, my partner and I play more games together, I take it on long trips with me, it’s just been a total blast.

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